Perennial Concern of Parents – Childrens Growth +


As a mother, I am always concerned about the growth of my child. Is he in line with what is expected at his age or not? This is the most repeated question that the pediatricians get from many an anxious parents. If not, what should we do to get them on par or exceed the expectations. Especially for vegetarians with restrictions on the available options of protein, how can we make sure meals are balanced. Believe me, when I say that it is a constant battle. On the top of all this is the taste factor. Adding the required glam quotient to the food to make it kid friendly is something that parents have to think about on a daily basis.

We have encouraged our son to eat a variety of vegetables, pulses, nuts, beans,  sprouts, milk products and tofu or soy protein. Cooking different meals with these helped a lot. Lunch and dinner are not difficult to get nutrient balance. The biggest problem is how to make the morning breakfast count. We all know the adage that one should eat breakfast like a king. It is the starting meal of the day and should be the most nourishing too. Lunch is a packed affair at school. We all know that some days even the tastiest lunch does not appeal when cold and eaten from a box. So really breakfast is the nourishing meal till they come back home.

It is easier said than done to make a good breakfast and to make the kids eat it too. The morning rush to get ready and to get some good food into their stomach is beyond art or science. Some days it works and some days it does not. With mothers working out of home,  it becomes all the more difficult to place a good hot breakfast on the table, day after day. This is when nutritional supplements come to our rescue. Horlicks has been around from when I was kid. We had it with out milk while growing up and even I was expecting my son, I used to have Mothers Horlicks. Giving something to my son that I can trust with and which works without any doubt was like a manna from heaven. When I found that experts have recommended Horlicks Growth +, which is a specialized nutrition product designed by international pediatric experts for children in the age group of 3-9 years, I knew that it would help me and many mothers like me.

All this can be achieved without any side effects. The product has been designed to #catchupongrowth, especially for those who are lagging in height and weight. It has been clinically proven to add growth in children in 6 months. Adding the kid approved flavors, chocolate and vanilla, Horlicks Growth + has made it easier for us. Half the battle is already won with the taste and the flavors.  Mixing it in milk or even in hot water when traveling makes it an easy, tasty and healthy anytime snack or a food supplement.


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