Varnam Gump is not an individual.
It is a concept.
It is an idea.
Why the pen name “Varnam Gump”?
Varnam means color in Sanskrit. We want to have an interesting life filled with various hues. Which is why the first name is Varnam. Life that has interesting tales to share with, life that has colorful episodes to recollect.
Gump – after the most adorable character in the movies – Forest Gump. It was the character that embodied, karma principle in the full force. “Just doing it”, was the mantra of he movie. He was not swayed by any opinion, he did not even give a thought about it. It might not be possible to find a character like that in flesh and blood, but we can aspire to become like him, the embodiment of love and duty.
Daily Luge is a collective representation of our thoughts. Luge is a ride that is powered by gravity and hence the title. We post on varied topics, from poetry to book reviews, to nostalgia. Though VG is a concept, in its mortal form, we are rooted to some place and time. Hence you would find a few nostalgia posts going back to the time when we were growing up in the eighties and nineties in a Small Town in South India.

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