Shunya And Anantha , Zero and Infinity

In my quest to understand myself

I have started peeling layers of me.

The first to go are the definitions imposed

Nationality, Religion, Region, Caste, Creed

Some I am born with, some acquired

Some passed down from generations.

Then the economic layers go

The rich, the poor, the have and the have not.

The relations and relationships are next

Some that tie me to them in this life

Some in another life time.

Physical attributes are surprisingly hard

The tall, the short, the fair and the husky

The sharp nose and the twinkling eyes.

I am left now with the intangible definitions of me

The kind, the smart, the intelligent, the brave

The adjectives that I use myself to describe me.

As I peel off these layers

What is left can be described as

Shunya – the zero, the nothing

Or is it Anantha

The infinity and Everything

It is the Yogi who can see

Shunya in Anantha and Anantha in Shunya.

As for the mere mortal like me

I can neither see or feel them.

I know the promise that exists

Beyond the realms of understanding.


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