Anna Prasadam at Tirumala – Feel Blessed

The adage that best things in life are free is really true when you experience the prasadam served at Tirumala. It is not a meal which does not only feed the body, it also feeds the soul. When one can see beyond the teaming masses of people spilling through every way possible to have a sight for a split second of the Almighty. The sight of the belief, that comes from every devotee is palpable.


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Hostels, Exams and OSI Model!

basics_osimodelNothing can raise the activity levels in the hostels like exams. This is especially true for the final exams. I stayed in hostels in late eighties and nineties and can recall the feverish pitch at those times. Then text books and reference books were scarce. The ratio was like 1:10. If one person had one reference book someone else had another. So we had a to perfect a barter system and a scheduling system. Half hour intervals were chalked out and assigned. Sequence was arranged as to who would be having what book at what time. Ask anyone in the group and they would tell you exactly based on the time, who is reading what. If only we had put all that effort in reading – that is another story all together.

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