Philosophy in a song

What if you heard a song which captures the essence of life? A song that is as profound as reading the Upanishads or hearing a discourse from a seer. That is how I felt when I heard this song – “Entha varaku, endu koraku”.

The movie was and is exceptional. If you want to describe in one line – it is like any other love story. A spoilt rich guy falls in love with an orphan, they have a tiff and he goes finding her and confesses his love. Run of the mill fare right. But then the way it has been told is amazing. Continue reading


Meaner and Stronger Villains Please, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Review

The heroics are magnified against the backdrop of villainy. The grimmer, the darker, the evil the villain is, the more we root for the hero. We get off the seat and whistle, go along with the ride, applaud at every punch. We treat the victory as our own. The good against the bad, the virtue against the evil. The bigger and the meaner the adversary is, the greater is the joy for the viewer when he is beaten. All and sundry metamorphose into the hero, feeling the joy of scaling the heights themselves. Otherwise, all the acts of grandeur, difficult in themselves, feel like mere orchestrated acts enacted for passive armchair adventurous.

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Magic of Mad Max Returns

The first Mad Max released in 1979 had a cult following. We were school going kids at that time and dreamed about the character Max, Mel Gibson. Ask anyone over 35 and they will name Mad Max as one of the best movies about cars, bikes and chases.

We saw the new Mad Max, Fury Road, along with our son. Life was coming into a full circle. The excitement and the awe with which he awaited and saw the movie, reminded us of ourselves. Mad Max retains its magic even after 3 decades.

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