Manifest Destiny and then Tryst with Destiny

Manifest Destiny the doctrine, in my opinion, is responsible for the position and power that United States of America enjoys in this world. If I have to explain the word or phrase that comes to my mind, the moment one says America, it is this. It was responsible for the American’s pursuing with a single minded zeal the expansion of its territory from coast to coast. I have written more about it here.

I am also fascinated how this phrase means more than that. It is a philosophy to indicate that we manifest our own destiny. It is not in the hands of anyone, not a God, not our parents, not our environment. It is in our hands and our hands alone. We will it, we do it and then we are destined for the results. We manifest our own destiny.

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The ‘Flying’ Scooter Moms of India

We all know the ‘soccer moms’ of Americas. It is time we are introduced to the ‘Scooter Moms’ of Bangalore or any city/town of India. They can also be called as Flying mom’s because they are dashing on the roads carting around kids to the school bus, school grounds in the mornings and the numerous activities in the evenings. These mom’s are daring and will do anything to drop the kid at the appointed time so that they can sigh a breath of relief.

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Filter Coffee and MS Amma’s Suprabhatam – A Divine Awakening

Misty mornings,

Dew drops on the leaves shining like diamonds,

Reflecting the first rays of the Sun,

Smell of fresh South Indian filter coffee

MS Subbalakshmi’s Venkateshwara Suprabhatam

Can a morning that starts like this be anything but a joy? Many a Telugu movie, start with that scene where the swirls of the coffee is shown with ‘kausalya supraja rama’ playing in the back ground. We do not know who is being awakened, the Supreme Lord Narayana or the ‘aham’ – the coffee connoisseur.

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Sunday Morning Musings

A Rain Soaked Lazy Sunday Morning

A steaming mug of tea

The Sunday Edition of Newspaper(s) in print only please.

This is my definition of bliss. Gives me the quota of energy for the next week. The elixir which fuels the work week. Of course it is an exaggeration, no doubt about it . But it is close enough. And some days it is the only saving grace of the week.

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