True Friendships are always beyond boundaries. They exist beyond the societal definitions of family. I am not diminishing the role of family here. Family is like Oxygen. We cannot survive without them. We cannot live without them. We cannot exist without them.depositphotos_2558127-friends

Friends are the vitamins of our existence. They do not directly sustain us. But they help us grow better, richer and add meaning in other dimensions of life. They add new dimensions, they add new zeal to life. They help us keep fresh without stagnating in the flow of life.

It does not mean that Family cannot be friends. Yes they can and sometimes they do. Even when they are, there are still some boundaries to be maintained. Maybe the two people involved might not have those, the extended situations/parties involved might impose certain restrictions around the freedom. It is very rare, but it does happen when family can straddle the two zone of friendship and familial obligations effortlessly.

All friendships are also not easy in themselves. Some are easy to explain and maintain. Many change as situations change. Partners, Kids, work, relocation, financial stability, societal status – all of these become factors in maintaining the relationship. Sometimes, many times, the elapsed time between communication grows exponentially. The urge to reconnect diminishes over time, until there is a stimulus.

In spite of all these, if there is one thing that real friends do not miss, it is the instant reconnect that they get irrespective of the time lapsed. One is transported back to the time and place where the interaction began in the first place. It is for this reason that we can always continue where we left with childhood and college friends. They come from a time and place, where the pressures of life have not yet made their mark. They come from a time when the mind was full of possibilities. The whole wide world was at the back and call. The confidence of youth was at its zenith.

Connecting with that group makes us young again. The mental image is stuck in that time warp, even though the physical might speak otherwise. It does not matter if you were not best buddies at that time. The rival gangs, the petty competition, the silly fights – all of these become topics we can reconnect back. The late night grind, the last minute rush, sharing the last rupee/penny, oh the number of tales we can tell. College friendships especially fall in this realm. We are adults by then, but child enough to be open. The seeming restriction of schools are a thing of the past. It is for this reason, that it does not matter what kind of college one attends, the memories we make last a lifetime. Premier, non premier, best of the breeds or centers of excellence, the one down the street or far away on the other side of the globe, colleges can change, memories do not.

Make a collage of memories. Hang them in your mind. Refresh those always. Be friends with everyone you come across, college or not.





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