Turmeric, Teradata and Dining Table

turmeric and teradataTo all my girls who can cook with turmeric and talk about teradata on the conference call at the same time.

We come from a time and place where family dinners are valued. They provide a sense of nourishment in both the physical and the dimension of the soul. Mothers enjoy the process as they know that it is building their kids stronger and keeping the family together. Yes, in many ways, family cooking keeps us all together and rooted.

From the comfort foods that we crave for in times of sickness or healing, to the mother’s best dish we loved served from her hands, to the tales of nostalgia that are told at the table, dinner times bond us together. They bond us in the five perceptive senses, the taste, the smell, the touch, the color and the pinch of love that goes into every preparation. We knew the value of these traditions instinctively without any scientific data backing us. We learned of the way they were cooked when our parents were young, the transformation of the food and the lifestyle that happened and we now happily recount the same to our children. There are traditions for us. These dinners, these colors, these memories keep us rooted. They also give us the strength to fly. Unknowingly then and knowingly now, it is these expressions of love in the form of food that are the wind beneath our wings.

We are also comfortable in the conference rooms, presenting solutions to everything except world peace. We can talk about using big data in clinical research, gene therapy, game theory. We are comfortable handling surgeon’s knives and can teach chefs a thing or two about kitchen knives. We can jump between serving snacks to stacking servers. Some of our nails might be turmeric stained, but our analysis is dot on. We can keep the books of the company and help in the home works of our children.

We will have tears when we see sentimental scenes in movies but we have hearts of steel when a tough decision needs to be taken. We enjoy chick flicks and we can launch hundreds of rockets into space.We can take quick decisions on a P1 call while cooking family dinner with one hand. We can walk the ramp and build it too.

We want our Prince Charming.

We are Cinderella’s at heart.

We love taking care of our families.

We are emotional.We are also strong.

We are all this and much more, because we cook with turmeric.We do not need a day to show us we are special, we make every day special to those around us.





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