Jallanta Tullinta – Best Rain Song from Tollywood

A generation was fascinated by the Telugu movie ‘Gitanjali’. It has taken its place in one of the classical love stories in the  Indian movies. If you were growing up in the 80’s then this movie does not need any introduction, if not you might want to watch it. Rule breaker and a trend setter at the same time. The hero and heroine have terminal diseases and the ending is left to the viewer to let them live or not.

Maniratnam’s movies always have a rain song. They are aesthetically pictured but the rain song in this movie takes the cake. For the heroine Girija this was the first movie and she had retained a freshness that comes only with the innocence of the craft. In fact after the movie the dresses she wore became famous as ‘Gitanjali’ dresses. The dialogues ‘lechipodama’, ‘eeyye’ have become anthems for romance for a lot of youngsters at that time.

Coming back to the song. The lyrics, the music, the effortless acting and the photography – everything about this song is perfect. It could not have been made better.  Illayaraja is the music director with Veturi providing the lyrics and Chitra singing it beautifully. This song also talked about the nature’s reaction to the song, especially the lines  –

Endallo vennelle techinde le – that rain brought moon light in summer or sunny days.

Vaana devude kallapu jallaga – vaayu devude muggesi vellaga – kallapu and muggulu are something that are being fast forgotten in villages and towns. Cities and apartments have fast forgotten that tradition.

The choreography is simple. Something that any young girl or boy would do – run around a lot in the rains. I now want to see all the Maniratnam movies and listen once again to his rain songs and maybe one day I will write about them too.

If you are a pluviophine (loves rains) and loves movies (most of us) then let us know the rain song that you love most. Language no bar.




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