Bollywood Boat Songs – Haunting Melodies

There is something very peaceful, very romantic, very pleasant about a small boat swaying in a river or a rivulet. The passengers moving in tune to the waves, the waters, the boatman some how seems to be a metaphor for life. These are all very old songs that the current generation might not have been exposed to, some or all of them predate me. The lyrics, understated music go very well along with the boat ride and make for a beautiful experience. Let me get on with the list without any more of the chatter.

I was on the search for 10 but could only get 7. There are other boat songs but I wanted to list only melodies. My hunt will be on and the list will get updated when I hear more. In the meanwhile, if you have any personal favorites, please do let me know.

  1. O Maajhi Re  – An all time classic from Kishore Kumar’s voice. I have not yet met a soul who does not love the song. Of course they should be on the wrong side of 30’s to start appreciating it. The combination of Maajhi, Kinara , kasthi and the song is pure magic in the meaningful lyrics and the amazing rendering. This is one of those songs that defines – ‘less is more’.
    1. Movie : Khushi
    2. Singer : Kishore Kumar
    3. Lyricist: Gulzar
    4. Music Director:
    5. Actors : Jitendar
  2. Chalo dil daar chalo  – From the classic Pakeeza, undeniably the most romantic of all the boat numbers. Few words and a full moon, that is all it takes for the love to shine through. The singer and the actors take us along the beautiful ride. Fall in love again listening to this song. Raspy Raj kumar wooing the eternal beauty Meena kumari in a boat on a moon light night wows us.
    1. Movie : Pakeeza
    2. Singer : Md Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar
    3. Lyricist: Many are credited for the movie but not sure who wrote this song.
    4. Music Director:Naushad and Gulam Mohammad
    5. Actors : Raj kumar and Meena Kumari
  3. Dil Aisa kisine mera thoda: Another Kishore Da’s song makes it to our favorite list. There is not a single one who does not empathize with Uttam kumar in the movie after listening to the song.
    1. Movie : Amanush
    2. Singer : Kishore Kumar
    3. Lyricist: Indeevar
    4. Music Director:Shyamlal Mitra
    5. Actors : Uttam kumar and Sharmila Tagore
  4. Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh: Another Meenakumari and Raj kumar number. The song is set on a boat, but it is not very visually appealing. As Shelley said that the sweetest songs are those which tell the saddest thoughts, this song is a perfect example of that adage.  Kisike ke itne paas ho ki ki sabse door ho gaye – heart breaking lines.
    1. Movie : Dil Apna Preet Paraya
    2. Singer : Lata Mangeshkar
    3. Lyricist: Shailendra
    4. Music Director:Shankar Jaikishan
    5. Actors : Raj kumar and Meena Kumari
  5. Woh Shaam kuch ajeeb thi : Kishore kumar and Rajesh Khanna once again with the ethreal Waheeda Rahman.
    1. Movie : khamoshi
    2. Singer : Kishore Kumar
    3. Lyricist: Gulzar
    4. Music Director:Hemant Kumar
    5. Actors : Rajesh Khanna and Waheeda Rahman
  6. Maajhi naiya doondhe kinaara: Surreal visuals, amazing lyrics in the vocals of Mukesh and the antics of Jaya Bachan as the new bride are an amazing combination in this song.
    1. Movie : Upahar
    2. Singer : Mukesh
    3. Lyricist: Shailendra
    4. Music Director:Lakshmikant Pyarelal
    5. Actors : Jaya Bhaduri and Swaroop Dutt
  7. Chingari koi Bhadke : There seems to be some affinity to Rajesh Khanna with the glass and love – the unattainable kind. The combination gave some classic songs. Mount that on a boat and the effect is magnified. A movie of eternal love found in relationships outside the boundaries defined by the society.
    1. Singer : Kishore Kumar
    2. Lyricist: Anand Bakshi
    3. Music Director: RD Burman
    4. Actors: Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore

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