Cheerful and Affordable, Datsun Redi Go

Right on the heels of the Renault kwid launch, comes another nice to look and light on the pocket Datsun Redi Go. The redi-GO is based on the Renault-Nissan platform which is also seen in the Kwid. Similarities end there. Redi Go is very different, though based on the same platform.

The first thing that is impressive are the looks. The way Datsun has kept looks of the car aggressive and sporty in clean and bold lines.The head lamps and the signature Datsun  large grille, LED DRLs in the bumper, bold lines , large windows, and the five paint options – White, Ruby Red, Silver, Lime and Bronze Grey. Winner in the looks department. Appearances matter and they are not always deceptive.  The ground clearance is a good 185mm and sits higher than the Kwid which has about 180mm of ground clearance. This means a lot of help to the city commuters who need to navigate through craters (potholes) and mountains (speed breakers). Would really love to see how the redi will fare on the city roads.

It also relies on its tall-boy stance and the larger wheelbase to provide more legroom for passengers. 4 adults can sit in comfort. Cubby holes are life savers while driving, especially if there are kids in the family.  The redi Go is designed with the small family in mind and offers plenty of cubby holes to place knick knacks.Ideal for soccer moms ferrying kids around the town for their numerous activities. A comfortable no frills interior is what is expected in the entry level segment and redi GO promises just the same.

Controls within within easy reach of the driver is another necessity while driving through congested roads which require constant attention. One cannot take eyes of the road even for a split second in peak commute time. So having everything within easy reach while driving, is something that is high on my priority list. Easy to navigate the wheel, the music system and the end less chatter inside. Of course, that is the mother in me speaking. Easy reach is a boon for any driver. No one wants to show off their gymnastic skills inside the close confines of a car cabin. I am eagerly awaiting a test drive to see if it will meet the ‘soccer-mom’ needs of this generation.

Because of Nissan-Renault Alliance, the redi-GO and Renault Kwid are based on the same ‘CMF-A’ platform  and share the exact same engine and transmission. The power and torque outputs are identical and is the expected fuel mileage. Mileage is another attractive feature of the car. At 21 km per liter, it would be something, that I would be very keen about. Performance is what is apt for a city drive and might not be great at higher speed and for longer distances.

Expected to be priced between Rs. 2.5 Lakh – Rs. 3.5. Lakh, ex-showroom, it is definitely in the affordable option. With the pricing being competitive, the features attractive and the stylish looks, redi Go will be very competitive to the Alto and Kwid.


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