Philosophy in a song

What if you heard a song which captures the essence of life? A song that is as profound as reading the Upanishads or hearing a discourse from a seer. That is how I felt when I heard this song – “Entha varaku, endu koraku”.

The movie was and is exceptional. If you want to describe in one line – it is like any other love story. A spoilt rich guy falls in love with an orphan, they have a tiff and he goes finding her and confesses his love. Run of the mill fare right. But then the way it has been told is amazing. The character of ‘Gali Seenu’ played by Naresh is the high light of the movie. He is the guy you want to be but cannot. He is the embodiment of devotion, honesty and straight forward talk. If Lord Hanuman was to live today, he would be  Seenu of Gamyam. If you have not seen the movie, do yourself a favor and see it now. Do not download, please buy the DVD to respect the effort the team has put into the movie. Do not blame me or the director if you want to do a road trip discovering yourself after seeing Gamyam.

Excerpts from the song and my feelings.

Gamanamey nee gaymyamaithey, Baataloney brathuku doruku – translated as

If journey is the destination then you will find life on the way. I know my translation or any one’s will not touch the original feel and effect. I have heard many times these lines, but the words spell pure magic in this line. Sirivennela Sitarama Shastry does not need any introduction. He has the blessings of Goddess Saraswati – Saraswati Katakasham. Every song of his is a demonstration of the word play that mesmerizes. For me, this is best work, because it is very simple words and have a profound meaning.

He then  explained the essence of Advaita which has been succinctly explained by Adi Shankara in Dakshinamurthy Stotram . I will not try to translate the song here. It has already been done in the blogosphere by many very beautifully – here and here.

Prapancham neelo unnadani cheppey daaka aa nijam telusu kova,
Telistey prathee chota ninnu nuvve kalusukoni palakarinchukova.

How the inside reflects the outside is so beautifully portrayed here

shatruvulu neeloni lopale.. – Your enemies are your mistakes
snehithulu nekunna istaale.. – Your likes and passion are your friends
ruthuvulu ne bhava chitraalee.. – the seasons are your emotions

Hear the song, read the meaning if you do not understand. Learn life the way it is meant to be and start living. See yourself in every one you meet.

The entire team of Gamyam deserve kudos for the lyrics , the music, the singer, the actors and the execution of the song.







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