Sunday Morning Musings

A Rain Soaked Lazy Sunday Morning

A steaming mug of tea

The Sunday Edition of Newspaper(s) in print only please.

This is my definition of bliss. Gives me the quota of energy for the next week. The elixir which fuels the work week. Of course it is an exaggeration, no doubt about it . But it is close enough. And some days it is the only saving grace of the week.

We love our devices as much as any other but we might belong to the dwindling tribe of households that still reads the news papers. We read it daily, at least a glance at the head lines without which the day is not complete. The weekends is another story all together. We get 4 delivered on those days. One is the Telugu paper which is our mother tongue, Eeenadu. The second dedicated to economics and finance, The economic times. The third is a childhood favorite, The Hindu (me and most of the english paper reading South Indians). The fourth has the juiciest news, the TOI.

End less cups of tea, some soul stirring stories, some hard hitting facts (read the real estate prices of Bangalore) and some gossip thrown in for good measure, all thrown in appropriate quantities, resulting in a comforting kichidi. Just like the dish which is one of the most comforting foods of the Indian subcontinent and diaspora, the Sunday morning fare too is soul satisfying. The pitter patter of the rain makes the whole experience all the more delicious, if you love rains like me.

The musings, the news, the prices and the sometimes unintentionally funny matrimonial ads, nothing is left out. Reading aloud juicy news, interspersed with, “did you know !!!!”, “outrageous”, “wow” etc are phrases you keep hearing now and then if you walked into our house when we are in the middle of the reading session.

Sometimes, the food tribe gets us salivating and the scene shifts to the kitchen for a quick or an elaborate breakfast which might be influenced by the memoirs read. While eating the secrets from a kitchen, we peek into a slice of life sometimes far removed but connected with the primitive love of food.

Travel writing satisfies the wanderlust without leaving the couch. Arts and culture connects the soul or the finer aspects of it. Movie reviews help us plan our entertainment outings. Book reviews adds couple of lines to the reading list.

At this point, we take a break for cooking and eating lunch. Once done, we are joined with the left over papers for a siesta. Satiated minds and bodies and the deep slumber of the sunday afternoon are ammunition for the race of the week ahead.

What is your Sunday routine that you look forward to? Please do share your experiences.






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