Rain – tears of happiness

There is a belief that rain falls when good happens on Earth. When something nice, something benefiting happens it is our belief that rain will always come before or after celebrating the event with us. When the rains come on time and in plenty, the rivers flow, the crops grow, and there is magnanimity all around. This is my attempt at linking rains to good things in life.


Tears of happiness started flowing

From the happy Gods ruling the heavens above

When they see a good deed

Being performed on mother Earth.


Benedictions start flowing

Into rivers, rivulets and streams

Washing away the selfishness

The mean things we do without meaning to.


Blessings multiply when the seeds sprout

Growing strong and long

Rolling carpets of greens and browns

Filling the bounties at home and heart.


Sound of rain is the background music

Of the show Mother Nature displays

Thunders and lightening adding

The unexpected dramatic twists.


Let us all be more generous

More giving and more loving

So that the Gods above

Bestow us with the tears of happiness.




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