Mom and Son bonding at #FlipkartOutdoors

The #FlipkartOutdoors meet was memorable for many reasons. It has many firsts to it. First time I am attending a blogger meet. First time for my son who is now a blogger. (Please go and check his Car blog. Thank you, I am only doing my duty as a mother.) First time for both of us going to an event which is not family hosted. First time for a mother seeing her son spreading his wings out in the World Wide Web.

When I saw the event on the Indiblogger home, the first thing I did was register my son’s blog. We had started him on blogging only to improve his writing skills and also to provide an outlet for his passion in Cars. Though he had some posts, I did not register him on any aggregators or other sites as we felt it would distract him from the sole purpose of blogging, that is writing and research. As the blog meet was focused on adventure sports and the gadgets that would help us have an outdoorsy life style, we felt it was right for him to take the next steps in his blogging journey and first signed him up on Indiblogger. Waited every day for the approval to come before registering for the event, as it is a prerequisite. Finally we got the approval just 2 days before and when we registered for the event, there was one seat left. It was a nail biting finish. Later on there were some cancellations and more slots opened up. But then, we did not know it at that time.

With Mom and Son registered, the Dad got convinced too and gave us a green signal to go ahead. On the D day, we got into the Indibuses at Shopper’s Stop on Bannerghatta Road. The organizers were on time and the check in of the code was done quickly and we boarded the buses. From the get go, the meet was organized with absolute perfection. From the water bottles on the bus to the amenities at the resort, there was nothing that was left to chance. Enjoyed every minute of it.

After some hair raising driving through the narrow roads on a big bus, we reached on time. When it was time to divide into groups to look at the different display stalls, I  was asked to leave my son and let him go 🙂 Well I did and both of us landed in different groups. That did not deter him from taking all the coupons for the activities from the mother. He went around and introduced himself and during the course of the day, told me many times, to the importance of sticking to his group.

polaroid-polc3-sports-action-400x400-imaebgcgfvzz8k6pThe outdoor gadgets on display were awesome to say the least. The Polaroid cube is now a need and not a want on my son’s list. He was so fascinated by it that he is already planning activities around it. He wants to buy that from Flipkart which is priced at 9,099.  Attaching the cube to go-cart and uploading videos on youtube is now top on his list of summer activities.


coleman-sundome-2-400x400-imadekfhxgzeqht2Sony action cameras, Garvin and Samsung smart watches and Altec blue tooth speakers were on display too. I was more taken in by the Coleman stall. From tents to coolers, from lunch boxes to  camping gear, from ropes to bottles, it was outdoor lifestyle on full force. Smart watches and action cameras are all add-on’s to the outdoor memories, but the parents as organizers of the outdoor life style will need these tools to plan a comfortable and safe outing. There was even a competition for the team that pitched the tent fastest.

The activities at the MangoMist resort were perfect. The best was the land zorbing in the huge ball and the screaming matches that accompanied. The food was good, the company even better. Paint Ball competitions were the perfect end to the action filled day. The teams were very excited at shooting each other – literally.

Came back all tired, but refreshed. All in all, it was a very good experience for both of us. Loads of inspiration from fellow bloggers. Thanks to Flipkart and Indiblogger for the amazing experience.



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