Relationships do not end

There is never an end to any relation ship

They only begin and change

They might go through highs and lows

They might lead to distances or proximity.

They might cause tears

In laughter or in pain

They might cause joy or grief

But relation ship will never cease to exist.

They will always reside in memories

Hidden safely inside or locked with iron bolt

They might get dusty and rusty

Or make us feel lighter than air.

Some relation ships go back to past lives

We come back to fulfill those promises given then

And create some more in this

It can fade and be faint

A relationship never dies.


2 thoughts on “Relationships do not end

    • Yes Somali some relationships are as good as dead but they are not. They never end. They become bitter memories which are locked in the hidden corners. They cause the tears… But they never cease to exist. Thanks for the appreciation.

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