Health is Wealth Even Today

Health is wealth is an old adage which remains true to this day and eternity. Eat right, Eat healthy is the motto we should live by. There are other factors including exercise, genetics, environment which also play a major role in the overall health of the human. But one thing that we can easily do, is to follow a good balanced healthy diet.

All of us are food lovers in some way or the other. We eat for many reasons. For comfort, for taste, for boredom, for anxiety and last but not the least for nourishing ourselves. Food is operating at many levels in our lives. Obesity is reaching alarming levels and equally frightening is our reaction to it. Knee jerk reactions are resulting in crash diets of various shades all over the place. Water diet, juice diet, no carb diet, GM diet etc etc, the list goes on.

What we do not realize is that these crash diets do more harm than good. They might be good only as a kick start for a very very short period of time. Even then people with any known medical condition need to be careful. Once the diet period is over, the body will try to binge and in no time all the lost weight and some more make their way back. So it is more important to have an overall healthier life style than fall into the fad of yo yo dieting.

Our taste buds have been under the influence of salt, sugar and oil. The triumvirate has taken over us in every which way, assaulted might be a better word. We should make an effort to cook and eat healthy and tasty food. Reducing oil, salt and sugar consumption definitely helps.  Desserts are one place, where all the good intentions can go hay wire. Honey is a very good substitute in place of white sugar most of the times. There are many recipes that Dabur honey has put together to help us.

The goodness of honey has been extolled time and again in Ayurveda. In addition to being a sugar substitute, it is great for general ailments like cough and cold. Beauticians swear by its miracle in skin care. Face packs with honey are the order of the day. One can go on about the benefits of the honey without getting tired. It is the miracle of nature that honey bees collect for us. One can learn more about the goodness at Dabur Honey.

In summary, eat healthy and consciously, drink lots of water, include moderate to rigorous exercises on a daily basis for the highway to healthier you. What is life without a few indulgences, right. Occasionally,  have a good nice gooey sweet like this healthy brownie.


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