All about cars

That young one’s today love cars is a universal fact. Our son is no exception to the rule. He loves them, is an understatement. He thinks, dreams and is waiting forever to turn 18 so that he can start driving. He would wait for his Dad to open the bonnet. The minute it is opened, he is peering into it, touching this and that, and would beg to leave it open. His favorite magazines are Overdrive, Bike. Top Gear is the TV show he loves. He would go and watch the reruns in youtube endlessly. Most loved movie, Fast and Furious, of course. Any doubts?

He was mostly reading about the brands, the speed of the cars and all the consumer centered features that advertisements give. He would talk endlessly about the models, the speed and the bells and the whistles. Which is the fastest car? What is the mileage it gives? Which soccer player has which car? The list goes on.

He was anyway interested in cars and spending a lot of time reading and seeing about them. We wanted to get him interested in the mechanics and the behind the scenes components about the car.  The components, the mechanics, the grease,  the dirt, the unglamorous parts of the car. The behind the scenes things that add up to the vehicle. One day, the husband, opened the bonnet and started on the educational journey. That is it, he was hooked.

His learning started off with applomb. He knew more about timing belts, camber, brakes , suspension. He is forever looking out for differential boxes, suspensions. Many terms that I did not know before like McPhrerson struts, Leaf Spring suspension became familiar because of him. What started as a quest for his learning, has taught us more about something we take for granted. He also wrote guest post in this blog about cars. We do not know everything about cars, but we do know something more than driving the car and taking it to the mechanic if there is a problem.

He started operating the gears and knows which one to use when. In fact, he is forever reminding us when we are driving to be operating in the right gear. The icing on the cake was when he helped his Dad change the car tyre, when we were travelling. The moment there was a flat tyre, he jumped and got on to the job. In fact, I could detect a gleam in his eye, that he was called to assistance. He got the jack, positioned under the car, removed the screws, tightened them, in short, he was all over the job, until it was done.

When we got the spare tyre fixed, he was the one, who changed the tyre single handedly.

This post is written for Kellog’s choco’s ke saath.


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