Boundaries of Barbed wire

World within and without is full of boundaries

Some of barbed wire, some of walls,

Some with rings of fire

Dividing clans, communities and countries.

These divisions which God did not intend

The divisions which start innocently

As an association to belong to.

When they grow into territories

Real and imaginary,

Territories that should be fought for

We do not realize.

The “us” and the “them” creeps in

Creating two sides

Little realizing that deep down

We are one and the same.

The same life, the same joys

The same human fabric wraps us all.

Colors, shapes and religions different

Different perceptions of the same emotions

When the barbed wires are down.



“zyaadaa maangaa hai kahaan,

sarahaden naa ho jahaan,

duniyaa mile ham ko”

from the beautifully sung – Ek Lau Is Tarah


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