A committed journey is always lonely

Family and friends will walk with you

Only till a certain stretch.

Fellow ideologists might go a little bit more

On the same path.

Beyond which, it is a lonely battle

With the strength of your convictions

The test of the strength of the idea

A testament of your tenacity

In face of opposition from self and others

In face of trying times financially and physically

In the face of loneliness which comes from

Feeling alienated in a group.

When you succeed in this endeavor

Savor it your self first

Feel the adrenaline surging thru

And then and only then share with the rest.

Some victories are such that

They cannot even be shared

Just like the pain of the struggle

The joy of winning becomes intensely personal.

No it is not selfish, it is only nourishing the soul

To continue the path on the commitment.


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