And there is “And”

Often we life, we think in “Or”

That excludes options and choices.

We do this Or that

We can eat Healthy Or Tasty.

We can earn a living in the mundane way

Or following our passion and live our dream.

We have set our limitations because of “Or”

We can only have one and not both.

Yes, we might not have it all

Yes, it might be foolish to pursue everything

But then, if we change our perception

And look at “And” , the inclusion word.

We might be able to do a bit of what we like

With what we need to do.

Have a regular, routine job

But have the passion as a hobby.

Have something healthy and tasty too.

It might involve stretching ourselves a bit

Changing our view point a lot more

It is possible and scores have people have done.

Let us look at inclusion and not exclusion

To expand our choices in life.


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