Gift of Smile

Raju desperately wanted to be in Chittoor on the 20th June. It was his fiancee, Rani’s bithday. The first birthday after their engagement. He was miles away in Calcutta on a work assignment. His presence was critical and there was no way he could sneak out even for a day. Being there with her and ringing in her birthday was the best possible moment for him.

As he could not be with her, he got the idea of ordering flowers online.  But then, Chittoor is not exactly a metro, though it is a sprawling city now. He was not sure if he could find any online vendors who could deliver to towns. Search engines came to his rescue with AskMeBazaar where you can buy fresh flowers online. Perfect for people like him who need to have delivery in cities across the country. Not everyone lives in a metro. They even guaranteed same day delivery at the time you prefer.

He wanted to add a personal touch. Flowers and cake are good. Delivery at midnight very good. But then he was not going to be around to see her smile. Keeping his creative hat on, he wrote his very first poem. He remembered her sunny disposition towards every thing. Though she was disappointed when he mentioned that he would not be with her on her birthday, she smiled and never voiced her disappointment.

I think of your smile

When I see any flower.

They are constantly reminding me

How lucky I am to have you.

You who can smile at everything

Big and Small, happy and not so too.

Thank you dear, for giving me

The gift of your smile

I promise to strive with all I have

To keep the smile on your lips.

He wrote the poem and scheduled to have it messaged to her at midnight. He was too shy to read it out when he was asked if he wanted any personal message with the flowers. He just asked them to put the standard, happy birth day message.

On the Dday, his phone rang at 12.04 am. He felt as if he could reach out and touch her smile, when he heard her.

“Raju, there are many first’s for this birthday. For the first time in my life, I got a bouquet and that too from my life partner. And for the first time, I got a poem, written for me. I would have loved to have you here, but I will cherish this memory and the poem forever. Thank you so much.”

Then they talked into the late night, the small things that do not make sense to anyone else but them.


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