In Gratitude

We fold our hands in thanks

In thanks to the Parents, Teachers and Gurus

Thanks to the Elders in the Family and the extended

To the Friends and the acquaintance for the help extended.

We should also take a moment

To thank those that made life comfortable.

From the unknown who made the fire

For the first time with bare hands

To the one who foraged woods

Found the foods that gave us sustenance

And the many who lost lives in this pursuit

Because of whom we know what to eat and what not.

Those who tamed the beasts of the wild

And those who tamed the vagaries of nature

With shelters which protect us from extreme heats and colds

From the torrential rains, the hurricanes and the earth quakes.

To the creators of the medicines which gave another lease of life

The surgeons and the doctors who made recovery possible.

Those who made the distances shrink

And touched the distant planets.

To those who made us to see and hear

Without being there.

And to all those who make the daily life easy

All the unsung heroes from the past and present

Thanks to YOU thee.


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