Magic of Mad Max Returns

The first Mad Max released in 1979 had a cult following. We were school going kids at that time and dreamed about the character Max, Mel Gibson. Ask anyone over 35 and they will name Mad Max as one of the best movies about cars, bikes and chases.

We saw the new Mad Max, Fury Road, along with our son. Life was coming into a full circle. The excitement and the awe with which he awaited and saw the movie, reminded us of ourselves. Mad Max retains its magic even after 3 decades.

Our son’s comment was that the movie ended too soon. He wanted the chase to continue. We told him, that with the success of sequels now a days, he can expect another soon. He now wants to see all the old Mad Max movies. We need to order some DVD’s soon.

For all those who do not know the old Max and for those who do, the new movie is awesome, edge of the seat entertainer. The big screen and the IMAX format made a huge difference to the races and the big bad mean machines.

I will not spoil the experience for you. Go watch it and enjoy the ride.


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