To the Reader of my Blog – an Open Poem

Who is this Varnam Gump?

You must have wondered.

Gump I know, but Varnam…

She does not have an “About me” page

Instead she asks “Who is John Galt?

With one post she makes me ROTFL

With posts that has #Humor in the title

And has the audacity to question herself.

The next poem drills deep into the

Never ending subject of the Life

She is caught in the vortex of Love

Or on the clouds of mother hood.

As if this is not enough

She posts about science and books

Only to add to the confusion.

Then adds a few vegan posts into the pot.

Do not even get me started on the word N

She immediately time travels backwards

And starts – when we were….

Varnam speaks –

Thank you one and all

For reading my posts

Sending a few likes and comments

In spite of all the confusion I create.


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