Make MyLife easy with #MyAirtelApp

We have been with Airtel for the last 10 years now. Mobile phones, land line, broad band, 4G Wireless Internet, these are what we have from Airtel.  In fact the connection that is enabling me to write this post is Airtel broad band. My biggest grouse till now, was related to the payments for all these services. They had different due dates, based on when we had activated the respective services. Added to that, they are all different bills and many times different email accounts tied to the plans. This made us miss payments multiple times.

In the world of Apps, I was waiting for Airtel to launch theirs to make it easier for us to use the services. I was happy when  they have launched  the new app, called the ‘MyAirtel’ app. The app finds out your internet usage, pays your bills, answers your complaints and gives offers such as lifestyle stuff, special internet offers and all that.

The best thing about the app is the auto detection of the Airtel number on the phone. All the information related to the service available right there. Data usage is the biggest feature that will be used regularly. It gives a picture of the current usage and helps us to limit usage upgrade if necessary. As all these services can be done directly in the app, it helps us to instantly decide what is required. In the past, we had paid copious amounts, because we were not aware of the current usage instantly.

Hassle free payments at your fingertips. Literally. To do it on a computer, you have to enter your number, this, that and all sorts of stuff. The Airtel app records your phone number and your personal data. This makes it easy to pay bills instead of typing your stuff every time you switch on the device. And then managing all the other services, and paying all of them on the device will make the app worth it for me. That the payment transactions are safe and secure is something that cannot be overlooked in the current world, where every other day a new cyber crime is reported. The app also has the payment history in case we need to check back.

The advertisement for shaking the phone and getting the surprise, has taken everyone by storm. The ad is quite catchy. The coupons can be used across many internet shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra. Even for the family movie date at PVR Cinemas. If all it takes is to shake the hand set and be have a glorious smile after that, then why not. Shake and Save. After all who does not like free gifts?


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