My Mother From Marriage

I am lucky to two Mothers. Thank you God for sending two angels to guard me. Two Experts in my life. One, my birth mother and then the Mother I have after my marriage, my Mother In Law. Yes, me and MIL, share a very good rapport, it is not a cliche. She always took care of me, she would fight with her son for me. Not really, but almost :-). I want to thank her today for the support, the care and the love she showers on me.

I learnt a lot from her, her discipline, her honesty, her uprightness, her ability to get things done, her concern for the family. The list would go on and on. On the top of everything, she is an amazing cook. She makes the world’s best Masala dosa and filter coffee. Till this day, I could never even come closer to the outer edges of her dosa universe and I do not think I ever will.

She was the one who was with me when my son was born. Having three children herself and having helped her sisters and sisters in law and countless neighbor’s during delivery and child birth, she was and is an expert. She knew what was best for me and the baby.

She was there to bless me for my “Seemantham”, the beautiful ritual that is conducted to bless the mother for the upcoming trials and tribulations during childbirth. She planned and worked out all the details and made it a beautiful memory. I just have a smile on my face when I recollect those times.

Once the baby was born, she knew what had to be done and took charge. In fact, even my Gynecologist suggested following whatever she said regarding food and activities for the new mother. She would cook delicious food which gave me the strength during the first few months. She hates the smell of garlic, but she cooked with it because it helps the new mother. She would painstakingly cook separate dishes for me, so that I could nurse my son well. Nutritious food for me and the baby. I cannot thank her enough for that.

Being new mother, everything about the baby was a question. From feeding to bathing to everything was wrought with anxiety. She not only took charge for the complete well being of the baby, she also taught me how I could cope on my own, once she left. How to take care of the small irritants like cold, fever, vomiting during infancy. What to feed, how to feed, when to feed all that and much more was taught.

She would tell beautiful stories, anecdotes about small children that she learnt from her mother and mother in law. One particular lingers in my mind for the amazing beauty. She said that, babies smile a lot in their sleep, because they are playing and talking with God. God is talking to them about their daily activities, how their over obsessed mothers and fathers are fretting and fawning over them. Isn’t the thought itself beautiful.

That she was there to take care of my son made it easy for me to get back to work. I cannot thank her enough for that. Thank you Amma for taking care of me and your grandson. Thank you for patiently explaining the nuances of mother hood, for explaining the rituals, for being there for me in that particular phase of my life.

This post is written for Godrej #MyFirstExpert contest.


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