APPearances are “NOT” Deceptive

Who does not want to dress smart? I am not talking, about smart and looking good like the ramp models and the celebrities. I am talking about the “cutting the edge” smart looks for work. For the evening out, it is the in style and elegant look. For the party, it is the funky look. For the weddings and the formal occasions, it is the Regal look. It is in short  – Look good –  feel great, kind of look, irrespective of the occasion.

Putting together a complete look with Apps is the public secret. Let us say you liked a top, then apps will give you all the choices that will go with it. The color that will suit. Then the accessories that will enhance the picture. Add as you go, customizing the color, the size, picking the best that works for you. Sometimes all it takes is changing the color of an accessory to take the ensemble to the next level. All from the comfort of home, bus, car, any where. More time is spent on enjoying and flaunting the look than putting it together. No more running around the trees. Searching for brands, searching for colors is a breeze.

One caveat though, if you are searching for the miracle of ageless, timeless, crease less, self maintaining ward robes, then we might have to time travel into the distant future. For everything else there is the Myntra App.

Choose The Look

Flaunt The Look

With the Myntra App

Share the time you put together a great look with an App. A look that was unique and different that defined you.



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