Kapil ji’s EkNayiLeague

Hearts Rule ,Minds Win

Yes Sir, Often in life we see that even though heart rules every thing. When it comes to winning matters it is the mind. Mind power over everything else. The thought to win originates in mind. The strength to sustain originates in the mind. The knowledge to win is tucked away in the corners of the mind. So it is mind over matter, mind over body, mind with the heart that leads to winning.

I am from the generation that watched Kapil Dev and team winning the Prudential world cup. Words fail to describe the 1983 win. I can still remember the euphoria that surrounded the win. Celebrations went on for months and years. Kapil, The Captain, The All Rounder, the Dashing Batsman was our hero. In fact, I have stopped watching Cricket soon after Kapil Dev, Ravi Shastri and that whole team retired.

Kapil Dev played from his heart, yes. But then the skill, the technique, the endurance all these also came from a very different place – the mind. That he is a natural is no body’s guess, but to hone those skills, he put his mind to work. Without the sustenance of the mind power, even the best of the geniuses cannot attain great heights. That sustenance, the skill comes from the grey cells of the body. Every body will concur with that.

The new league, EkNayiLeague, that he is talking about must be something to do with the head on the shoulders. My guess is that it is a reality show based on numbers. Where the players are given raw data and they need analyze, deduce and act on the information given within a stipulated period of time. It must be based on hard facts and does not leave any room for guesses. Social media might play a huge role in it’s win, is my guess.

The videos shows interviews of other celebrities who all are known for their hard hitting styles. The passion they get into the play/work, that they do. Everyone says that the passion of the players comes from the heart, I can confidently say that the mind power is also a very crucial factor in determining their winning streak. It is the mind that keeps the calm that is necessary for winning.

My personal thought is that mind and heart both are important in everything we do. Even in the new mystery game, the mind can crunch the numbers, analyze and do all that which is logical and stands to reasoning. But in the final decision, it is the heart, some call it the intuition or the gut which will help in determining the winning bet. It will solidify what the mind is churning out. So think with the mind, let the heart guide you to the right choice.

Heart and Mind, Together we win.


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