I can beat the blues

PS: Dedicated to every one who beat the blues of Depression. It is for them and the family that fights this unfathomable abyss and comes out victorious.

I know how much of me it takes

To open my eyes at day break

On the days when everything looks bleak.

The mists so deep and dark

That nothing can penetrate them.

The skies which look blue to others

Look menacing to me.

How do I explain them?

The clouds in the mind

The incessant chatter in the mind

The downward avalanche

That sometimes seems to be my life.

How do I come to terms with it?

To lift myself up from this morass

Wake up and take faltering steps

Only I know what it takes.

I might be miles behind my peers

But I am miles ahead of where I had been.

I do not know who to blame for my state

My Fate, my Destiny or my God.

I sure know who to thank for getting out

Myself, My God and My Family.


One thought on “I can beat the blues

  1. I can relate to it so much..these are such amazing lines which every human on this earth can relate to…we all find ourselves stuck in such clouds during the course of life!!

    Thumbs up!!

    Liked by 1 person

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