Writer’s Paradise

Location : Undisclosed

Price: Invaluable

Inspiration: Flowing

I am right now in Paradise. A paradise for any serious writer :-). I know, I am not one yet,  but no harm in pretending to be one. I have a blog and write a few lines and get a few likes, so I am one. Anyway, coming to the point. Let me describe this place.

I am in the lap of nature. Surrounded by majestic trees, which are surrounded by more majestic mountains. On a high elevation, but surrounded by higher peaks. The predominant colors are green and blue in varying shades. There are bursts of color, here and there and some dashes of brown.

In the evening, I see and feel the clouds passing through. The sudden mist and the sudden chill are proof to that. The weather is pleasant. Cool enough for the summer. Warm enough to enjoy a late evening stroll. The roads are winding through lush green trees and shrubs on both sides. The predominant colors are green, brown and blue with the flowers providing a burst of color.

The chirping of the birds provide the wake up call. Into the balcony I go with my cup of tea to see the glorious sunrise. The slight chill from the breeze, the heat from the tea and the beautiful weather sets the mood for the day. I take my laptop and start writing.

For the second tea, I hike about half kilometer to the nearest tea stand next to a road with moderate traffic. Have the cup seeing the civilization move around to their destinations. The paradise is away and close enough too.

Simple tasty nourishing food for the body. The environment is nourishing the soul. Clean and green places for the stroll to enjoy the many shades of green. Occasional summer showers bless the earth and creates the perfect weather for the evening tea and hot bhajji. Seeing the rain drops, the horizon, the barely there rainbow, the hot tea – what else do we need (other than money and good fortune 🙂

The night envelopes us in its sleepy hands. Far enough from the lights to see the star lit night sky. Talk into the night with loved ones around. Nights loaded with memories from another life. Nights that remind us of the connection with Nature and beyond. Then the deep slumber comes. Smile lingering on the lips for the day spent in Paradise.

Right now this place is only in my mind. Do you know of a place like this? If you know, keep it close to your heart. Do not share lest we rush and spoil the magic. But do share your memories of this place.


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