General Practitioner is your friend too

Visiting a Medical Practitioner(MP) and subsequently general Physicians (GP) in India, is always a family matter. The nice and strange aspect of the relation with your GP/MP is, that he knows about you more than your spouse does. He knows what you eat, what you like, what you crave for apart from the vital statistics of all the body parts and how well they are in the ranges as approved by the MCI (Medical Council Of India) or any other medical body. The medical practioner is looking out silently for all the lurking out communicable diseases in the local area and keeps you in loop about the tenets of the fundamental care that you will have to take as a precaution. In case of unfortunate circumstances of getting affected by the diseases, the General physians tends to give you the right medication with all the fine print about the usage and other important things as well.

Now tell me – did your spouse ever tell you about specific fine print any time?. We all know that “A friend in-need is a friend in deed” and extending it to the GP’s, ” A GP is truly a friend in sickness and health”. The GP forms the Go-To hero for all the ailments and he is the one who will direct you to all the other specialists in the health field in case of necessity and will help you return to hale and healthy person.

Every City, Town, Area has it’s own group of GP’s who have been there and done that for long. In major cities like Bangalore, Pune, Delhi have a sizable presence of general practitioners. If you like to pick up your GP in Pune first reach out to your close friend. If you do not have any,  please look up  online as a matter of fact for, medical practitioners in Pune

Once you identify a few GP’s especially near to your locality, please reach out to them, seek appointments and meet them on time. Talk to them and pick the one with who you gel with. It is just akin to meeting a would be friend, who currently is an acquaintance. See how well you and he/she can get along. How well you can communicate about your general ailments. The mantra is that you should be able to connect the moment you meet him. Once you are able to identify medical practitioner, you have a friend for ever, who will take care of your body, mind and keeps you in good spirits and health for being all that you want to be.

Having said all this, the most important aspect of a GP is that you as a person, patient should be comfortable with the GP at all times and should be able to develop a relationship. The best doctor in Pune, therefore,  is the one with who you can share all the information about you, your family, your diet, your secret and not so secret habits, your insecurities and family medical history. Good Luck with your search and for getting the general practitioner who is a friend to the patient.


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