J for Journal

Apologies for not posting all these days for the A-Z challenge. Since I entered it, I want to try and complete posting the next letters.

Scientific journals are very important to promoting the ideas and also establishing credibility in the tight knit community of scientists. 2015 marks the 350th year of the oldest science journal published, Philosophical Transactions.It was first puiblished on March 6 1665 in London, by Henry Oldenburg.

The first issue had the following articles published

1. An account of the improvement of optic glasses

2. The first report on the Great Red Spot of Jupiter.

3.Mtion of a recent comet (probably anOort cloud object).

4. Review of Robert Boyle‘s Experimental History of Cold.

5. Robert Boyle’s own report of a deformed calf.

6. A report of a peculiar lead-ore from Germany, and the use thereof.

7. Narrative Concerning the Success of Pendulum-Watches at Sea for the Longitudes.

8. The final article of the issue was about Pierre de Fermat, although the issue failed to mention his last theorem.

References: wikipedia, Royal Society of London


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