Earth Day 2015

Should we have only one day dedicated for Mother Earth, when our entire life depends on it. Environmental awareness to me, is a process, a thought, an ideal, a habit that should be inculcated and practiced on a daily basis.

Having said that, it is definitely good that we have at least a day dedicated to it. Even if the seed of consciousness germinates in a few people each year on the earth day, it can still be considered a great triumph.

All the living organisms ( consider that even the rock, ice and mud have a life of their own) have their own place and importance in the major scheme of things. If we homo sapiens can understand the basic fact that the environmental ecosystem and its components have an excellent self creation, sustenance and EOL (End Of Life), the approach towards each of the forms of existence will be treated with reverence and respect. The Environment many not need specific nurture from homo sapiens per Se, but needs minimal destructive interference. Intervention is however welcome.

It is not a coincidence that the Earth Day is now once an year day as compared to once in decade before. This is a clear indication that all the concerned and bothered, have understood the significance of increasing the frequency of thinking and doing necessary.

What else can we say, when various comets, asteroids that brought many a forms of organisms to here on the Mother Earth for the last 4 billion years should not be disturbed but be enjoyed. Otherwise, Earth Day will be only an once a year event, where we drive in our cars, AC running, to an event and hold placards. It is in the practice of it that will the Earth Day will be honored.


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