Toothy affairs

When our son fell down from cycle, it was really scary. First is the trauma of the child. On the top of it we need to deal with the adult reactions of panic and helplessness which comes when we see our flesh and blood in hurt. He fell on his face, so there were lot of cuts and bruises, and the blood oozing from the lip. We immediately got him home applied ice for the bleeding to stop. Then took him to the doctor.

The wounds healed fast enough. But his front teeth chipped. That started our search for dentists in Bangalore. A bit of a back ground here. The husband and I, like any other normal human being are scared of doctors and dentists in particular. The squeaking sounds, the tingling and the pain, and more importantly the sight of the drill, keeps us off dentists. Even the bravest of the brave, fear from handing over their mouth and the many inhabitants to the dentist. I do not know why normally rational people like us, cannot reason this thing out.

Having said that, we still make the mandatory visit when necessary. We mostly went to the network hospitals and were not satisfied with the care we got. On the rare occasions when we liked he doctor, he/she was not available the next time around.

In this case because, it was involving a six year old, we decided to do some research on dental clinics in Bangalore before going. Internet is the God of all reviews. We searched high and low and found some good reviews of a Dentist practicing in Basavanagudi. It is a full fledged dental hospital in Bangalore. 

We were really satisfied with the whole experience.  Unlike the network hospitals, where dental practice was not the focus, this clinic, offered the entire range of services related to the toothy things, all in one place. Our son was extremely comfortable with the setting and the time the doctor took in connecting with him. What started as a reaction to the fall, became a proactive thing for us, taking him for regular checkups. It was then I realized how much one good doctor can change the perception of the whole experience for us.

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