Do you want to “DoRight”?

India is an “all eyes on” democratic nation which is on the verge of a wonderful journey in to the 21st century with many eyes observing. However, India now is saddled with an illiteracy rate of 27% of the total citizenry (as of the last census) where an illiterate is defined a person who is aged seven and above who can neither read or write in any of the languages as listed in the 10th schedule of India.

The sole pillar of any democracy, on which the democratic institutions function, is based on the ability of each of it’s citizens to work towards achieving the common goal of peace, prosperity and power to all. As long as the citizenry is unable to understand their duties and rights that allow them to achieve the common goal, the citizenry cannot develop in to able, capable and happy constituents of the nation. The only way the citizenry can make a meaning out of this and become a willing, contributing and nourished member of democratic India is through meaningful education which makes the citizenry
real literate.
A meaningful education is a beacon for life, liberty, prosperity and peace. The character, process and content of education is unique  and therefore varies from place to place, country to country, continent to continent. This education is never static but is constantly fluid and therefore changing. Varanasi has been able to understand this education concept and a unique methodology has been planned and is put in place in a “boat school”, upholding its position as oldest pilgrim city. The Varanasi boat school has been able to attract kids from the not so privileged backgrounds , aka Children of Ganga, from in and around Varanasi and from various little islands in the holy river of Ganges en route. This boat school created an educational pedagogy that teaches these kids life skills and makes them literate to use these skills to increase their chances of  finding place in work force which caters to the pilgrim population and tourist requirements. This has kept these kids off the streets who otherwise were or would have turned in to anti social elements or as disgruntled youth.
The learning environment of the boat school merges with the location and geography of the Varanasi.This magical transformation of the kid , as achieved in pilot cases on the boat school, has created an simple yet ideal learning environment.The boat school makes these kids literate, ready for earning a livelihood lawfully and peacefully and drives them on the path to prosperity. This process of making the kids literate by the boat school makes the kid become the prime mover of all the aspects of self, society and governance.There by enabling the distribution of fruits of common good effort to all these constituents. As opposed to the illiterate kid who can cause the reversal of such fortune to self and equips them to face up the challenge of poverty, disease and ignorance of good life.
In order to fast forward this and be a part of the journey of  “DoRight” do visit this site to know more. Endeavour to get involved in being the change  which will give a chance to the children of Mother Ganga, a better and a suitable learning environment. This will create Swach children of Ganges, who will help create a better environment in Varanasi.

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