Is it my race?

On your mark Get set go

Said God

When he sent us down

To race our life on mother earth.

He said, each race is different

Tailored for each to his capability.

We went on our own race

Till we grow older

Got influenced with other races

Their milestones, their trophies, their cheer leaders.

Some of us stay put running our own race

Not influenced or distracted by the many

Always staying on track

Enjoying the milestones and the trophies

With or without cheer leaders.

Some of us changed course

And ran in other’s race

Occasionally winning the trophies and accolades.

The empty feeling always returned

Because even though we won

It was not our race to start with.

Some of us have the strength

To go back and re start.

Some of us give up

And live with regret

To the last day

Wishing that we had the strength

To run our own race.


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