Comfort, Convenience and Savings

Shopping online is the boon for the  smart generation of today i.e., the netizans. Especially so if one lives in metro’s and big towns. The possibilities are endless. From day to day groceries, to books, to CD’s, to clothes etc etc. The list goes on and on. All from the convenience of the home. With the smart phone apps, one can do it on the go too.

Forget the weekend rush, forget the parking woes, forget the long lines at the check out. Sit at home, browse, choose what you need, order and get it delivered. In the process if you have ordered clothes or shoes that do not fit, no problem. Raise a return request, schedule a pickup and be there. Ain’t it convenient.

I just finished ordering footwear from Jabong. And I discovered the coupons which offer discounts on shopping. 27coupons aggregates deals and discounts from different online retailers and stores. Register once and get notified of all the deals.

Vacations, stays at hotels, booking a cab, all kind of lifestyle products are available at a discounted price for the discerning customer. All it requires is a registering once, being on on the lookout for the discounts and deals for whatever is needed at that moment.

Smart customers can plan their purchases based on the deals available. These deals are win-win. The merchants want to promote their product and the customer saves money buying it. When we customers are happy, we go back and buy more and become loyal to the brand or the store. Added to this, the word of mouth publicity that it generates. I have always recommended products when I liked them to friends and family.

With sites like 27coupons – we help the extended family also save money. Sending the link is all it takes. Unlike the newspaper coupons, or in store vouchers, where you need to have the cutting available. Many a times, it happened to me, that I found some coupon and just forgot to bring it along when shopping. Then other times when we just misplace them and cannot find at the time of purchase.

Online sites like Jabong make it easier. All the products with the offers are on the landing page. So click, select,  buy and get a discount. I do not think it can get easier than that. We are always in need of clothes and lifestyle products that are available at a discount through the coupons at Jabong. Whether you are a college girl who is looking for spunk, or a working women shopping for chic, or a product mother shopping for her family – the range is tremendous.

It is a completely different story when we shop for festival clothes or for any big occasion in the family. No more going to boutiques, the exclusive stores. Every warp, weft and weave to wrap us is available at the finger tips.

Shopping from the comfort of our home, sipping a lemonade, and on the top of it, getting discounts for buying. Buying and at the same time saving time and money, is a double edged sword that all of us can use.  How cool is that!


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