Honest is the new snob, #Humor, #Work

One cannot attend any meeting these days, without hearing the H word sprinkled liberally. Seriously looks like a case of mass cleansing of conscience.

“Honestly, if you ask my opinion …..”

“Honestly, if I were you………”

“In all Honesty …..”

Yadda Yadda Yadda

Confession alert! I do the same too 🙂

The moment the H word is uttered, the speaker, assumes he/she has the glow of Budha, the right of Christ. Everything that is spoken next becomes sacrosanct.  The next thing you know, the audience is accepting everything they say. Even one has to counter the honest opinion, they will think twice or thrice. Because, who can counter an honest opinion, seriously. If you need to do it, then you need to have a bigger integrity,  than honesty. And there is nothing bigger than truth, even though truth can vary.

God forbid, if anyone counters an honest opinion. Here comes the catch.

Only humble can (en)counter honest. So if one has to propose or dispose a view contrary to honest opinion, then start by saying – “In my humble opinion ……..”

Now the tug of war between honesty and humble starts. Those who can be neither, will sit on the benches and watch.

Of course, there is only one thing bigger than truth – and that is Power. So in the battle between the humble and the honest, the one with Power becomes the Referee.

Saints without robes walk around meeting rooms, board rooms and corporate corridors. Tread carefully.

PS: I truly believe and practice in the virtues of honesty and humility. This is just a case of tongue in cheek humor.


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