No Regrets Please

I have lived all my life

For securing a better future

For myself, my kith and kin.

Education was for the same,

Employment was for the same.

Earning to save

Saving for the rainy day,

Saving for the retirement,

Saving for the vacation,

Saving for the secure future.

In this run for security

I have not spent enough time

On what satisfies me.

I want to do so now

Some time every day

Which will only involve myself

Lest I blame others.

For the stuff that will define me

Without any labels.

It could be writing a poem,

It could be reading to learn,

It could be writing my story,

It could be living in tune with nature,

It could be touching one with a smile.

Where my identity is secondary

Where my thoughts and kindness

Take over myself.

I only become a conduit

Through which they come out.

I will pledge to do all that

For some time every day

For I do not want any regrets

When I die.


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