“In Confidence”, Please , Humor, #Work

Your boss shares a departmental secret/progress/issue/fact whatever with you. And he adds that the topic should be kept in confidence. Only the top management and  the senior contributors know about it. You end the conference call or the meeting, and come out. Next day, the Rumor Raja of the floor, will come up to you.

In whispers, he/she will say. “Varnam, you know what?”

You pretend not knowing anything and say, “What”?

And you know what is going to blurt out. You know that you did not let anyone know about it. Who did, is the big question?

The point here is what is the meaning of the phrase “In Confidence”.

It means the following

You can share it with your close buddy – who happens to be your colleague.

You can share it with your close neighbor – who just happens to your colleague.

You can also share it with a dozen others in the cafeteria – who might not might not be your colleagues.

Which is why, when secrets are told in confidence, they spread like wild fire.


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