An ode to companionship

Sitting together in the verandah

I slurping my watery tea

You sipping your milky tea

Me with my book

You with your news papers.

Sharing tit bits

Sharing high lights

From the books, the news papers

Seeing the life unfold around

Starting with the twittering of the birds

The school children getting ready

The world waking up to its busy day.

Is this called companionship?

When your hurt brings tears to my eyes

When I can hear your laugh

Even when you are not around

When every dream of mine

Has you right up there with me

Is this called companionship?

When life sometimes seem to be a battle

And I have your hand in mine

Giving and getting strength.

That is called companionship.

It is not only in sharing

The bounty of life.

It is in sharing every thing.

From battles, wars and struggles.

It is in sharing tears and disappointments

It is in sharing the mundane and routine

Along with the joys and achievements.

Cherish in it beauty,

Glow in its warmth,

Enjoy its radiance

Forget the shadows

Forget the fights

Forget the small ugly moments.

It is this companionship

For which God

Created man and woman.


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