Hune Or July, #Humor, #Work

Bay Area has a big Spanish influence and its town names also reflect the same. So San Jose is pronounced San Hose. Now most of us, Netizans, know that the letter ‘J’ is pronounced as ‘H’ in Spanish. The event described here was before 2000 AD – yeah in Pre Harappan times.

Enters some very fast learning dude transported from Silicon Valley of India, Namma Bengaluru, to the Mecca of high tech, San Jose. Btw, the timing of this move is very important. Remember this was before the Google and the smart phone era. . This was before malls in Bengaluru resembled those in Sunnyvale.

Our guy did not know the tricks of the trade. He lands in San Jose and pronounces the same way it is written – with a ‘J’. He hears in meetings this mysterious place called San Hose, pours over the maps and could not find it.

He goes and asks the “on site coordinater”, who had learned the ropes by then. Finds out that the mysterious and the enigmatic San Hose, is the same place he is right now – San Jose.

Fast learner that he is, attends a meeting and decides to show off his newly acquired gyan. When asked about when he can deliver his assignment – he quickly responds by Hune 30th or by Huly 5th.

Thank you for not asking me to explain the joke.

PS: Any and all resemblances are purely coincidental.

PPS: All ‘he’ s in the above article can be replaced with ‘she’ for the same effect.


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