First and last Trip #Together, #Nostalgia

Remembering our first trip to Shiridi always brings in waves of Nostalgia. This was the first trip and the last trip we took as a family before life happened.  Parents felt that we should take the blessings of Sai Baba because all three of us were at different mile stones of our lives.All three of us siblings were still studying. I was finishing my PG, Sister her Under Grad and Brother his 12th. Father was still working. It was our first trip outside of the state. It was the first trip we took without any extended family tagging along. There were many firsts for this trip.

Life took us around. First to different cities across India. Then to different countries. We met many times after this trip, but could not travel together. What with the added schedules of the added family members – the spouse and the children. We could never plan a trip with the siblings, parents, nieces and nephews.

Armed with tickets, the mandatory tamarind rice and curd rice and optimism, we boarded Ajanta Express from Hyderabad. We did not have any reservations for stay once we reached. In the nineties, we did  not have this concept of keeping everything planned to the last detail.

The train journey was memorable. We talked about our dreams of the future and compared with those of our parents. I do not know what the magic was, but that evening, I remember all of us opening up like never before. Maybe it was the train journey, or the optimism that things are going to be fine, once we have the blessings of Baba. Having been followers of Baba for a long time, the trip to Shiridi meant a lot to all of us. We had been to Shiridi multiple times later on, but the magic of the first time, is something that cannot be forgotten.

We land in Manmad and take the MSRTC bus to Shiridi. The best part of the trip  was seeing the thumb shaped mountain on the way. Thanks to the image search I could find it on the web. All of us know the significance of the thumbs up sign. Seeing the mountain, was like getting a go ahead from the Master of the Universe for the life plans. So yes, it was amazing experience, especially we never knew that a mountain like this existed. Not that knowing would have diminished the impact of seeing for the first time.

We land in Shiridi, gets accommodation without any difficulty. Darshan of  Sai baba samadhi, was surreal. Belief is the corner stone here. It means everything for those who believe. We derive a lot of power from holy places when we trust in the higher power. It is very personal and the experiences differ from person to person.

This post is written for the campaign with the #together theme.


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