Audacity of #Humor in the title

Humor is the most difficult of all genres to write, to write effectively. Writing without mocking at any one, is an art form. If any humor is difficult to write, the subtle or the tongue in cheek is the most. The nuances should be such that, anyone can relate to it. At the same time, do not feel that they are being targeted. Articles, posts or books of this kind enjoy a lot of popularity. Who does not like to have a smile and leave with a feel good feeling?

When writing blog posts, putting a hash tag of humor is very risky. It is akin to starting a conversation or announcing that you are going to tell a joke, and then narrate it. It is a good way to get the attention. But then the onus is on the narrator to make sure that it does not fall flat.  Once announced, if the joke does not elicit even a few laughs, imagine the embarrassment.

Imagine having to explain the joke. By the time, the so called joke is analyzed,  dissected and put under the scanner, the vestiges of whatever made you laugh, no longer remain. If this is the case with conversations, consider the humor in the books, on the net, where the author’s personal element or the non verbal clues are not even present. The weight rests on the written word alone.

The written word has to convey entire gamut of the sight, sound and every other clues that are necessary for eliciting a few laughs at the very least, a tug of smile. More often than not, the situation plays the most important characteristic. What was funny in a given situation might sound rude in others. Authors who get the laughs on the written word alone are gifted by the tickle Gods.

All these and more come into my mind, when I post a title with the humor has tag. I have a simple rule, if my writing gets me to smile I risk it and put the hash tag.

Humor writers out there, let me know how you get the knack of making people laugh.

What makes your reader ROTFL?


3 thoughts on “Audacity of #Humor in the title

  1. Beautiful post Varnam! Especially love the part where you have mentioned about the ‘analysis’ of the joke 🙂
    I love the idea of subtle humour and attempt it in my writing too. If you notice it when you stop by at, do tell me if I managed it decently.
    Thanks for such a great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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