Only Love is Perfect, Life never is

Life is never perfect. We are always in need of some or the other thing. More money, better job, a new house, a new car, the long planned yet not happened vacation etc etc. The list can go on and on. We keep thinking, if only this happened, life would be perfect. Whatever that is happens. Let us say a new house. Then one more thing bubbles up the want list.

Life can reach perfection for some in their own life time. They have reached the ultimate level of enlightenment. But those are few and far between. That is what the Guru’s call – “Being in the Present. For only present is perfect”.

What about mere mortals like me? We are forever seeking bliss based on something happening. Life can be perfect only if something or the other happens. It is not that we are so miserable, it is just that we are not content with the way things are. Life is not imperfect for most of us, but it is just a tad less than perfect.

I realized life might not be perfect, but love is perfect. Love is perfect all the time. It can be there in any shape or form. When love exists, there is perfection. Love is an an emotion, that is pure and perfect, when it exists.  It can be the love of our parents, siblings, spouse, children, relatives and friends.

It can be seen in the support of the colleagues. It can be seen in the kindness of an unknown stranger, holding the door for us. It can be the good word a neighbor has for us.

It is everywhere if we allow ourselves to experience it. Labeling it will not reduce the perfection. It is unconditional, if we receive without questions.  Realizing that was a light bulb moment for me. When I understood that I needed to receive the love unconditionally. I was the one viewing the white light of love with tints in my eyes. It was up to me to see and feel the pure and perfect love.


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