I wear Faded clothes with Pride, #GoGreen

We were introduced to Desi, when a friend gifted us with a kurta for our son. The fabric was soft and  looked kind of faded even when it was new.  Not the bright ones you expect on the shelves of the stores in any mall. When I learnt that they use locally available natural dye, I was thrilled.

We had already embarked on the Green journey by then. We had been buying mostly organically grown food. It seems natural to extend to clothes. One visit to the store and I am hooked. Now about 70% of my clothes are from Desi. We also buy their shirts and Kurtas for our and extended family.

The quilts, the bed sheets, the handkerchiefs, the towels, the hand bags, in our home are all sourced from them. I buy my gifts too from the store. In fact, when we had a function at home, we brought all the sarees required for the function from the store. Everyone who received the gifts were thrilled at the uniqueness of each product. They were unique with their own imperfections.

We were so fascinated by the store that we even made a visit to their production center in Bheemunikone. Words do not justify the tranquil surroundings of the village. For me, it was what a perfect village should be. A meandering river on one side and on the banks, the village with a thriving nucleus in the form of Charaka. Read here the story of the wonderfully unique initiative.

More about the store and the person behind the initiative is covered in this Outlook article.

We buy at Desi for the following reasons

1. They use all natural vegetable dyes. Yes they do fade after a few washes. But then they have a unique story to tell. I do not mind wearing slightly faded clothes also to work. I actually take pride in wearing them, for they have a story to tell.

2. There are no middle men. The entire proceeds go to the artisans.

3. This initiative has reduced the migration of  unskilled people to the city, by providing them with means of local employment.

Do let me know if you like their products when you drop in at their store. The outlet details are listed here.


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