5 reasons why I do not have a “Smart” Phone and why I need one now

I have been contemplating buying a smart phone from Motorola because Motorala holds the patent for the mobile phone. Awarded to Martin Cooper in 1973.

Timing coincided with the MotoE launch –  http://www.startwithmotoe.com/ and decided to submit the post.

Five reasons I do not have a smart phone now, followed by why I need one now.

1. I want to be “Smarter” than my phone. Yes please, I do not want to be caught with a phone which has features I cannot use. Call me the odd one, but I cannot figure out half the time how the convenient apps work. Couple of  times, when I tried, I needed to get help from my 12 year old. So please, I do not want to be caught in a situation where I cannot use the “Smart” phone. Taking the easy route, I got the dumb one, or the not so smart one.

2. I can charge it once a week. Admit, I do not use my phone much. Still, I use it for all my conference calls, which run into 8-10 hours per week. Add to that another 2-4 hours of personal calls. 14 hours of talk time and about 50 messages is my weekly usage. So less consumption of electricity. Compared to that, the smart phone in our home, needs to be recharged every day even when it is used sparingly.

3. I do not need my phone to look “busy”. In a bus, in a meeting, on the train, waiting in line, waiting for friends, getting bored at a distant relative’s house, in short every where and all the time – smart phone is our go to gadget. This is true for the current generation. I have a simpler offline option – carry a book or be interested in the surroundings. Or “gasp” participate in the meeting/discussion.

4. I do not need to constantly check my phone. I do not get it when people come into the meeting and keep checking the phone. If I was a doctor or a spy or someone on whose shoulders the world peace depends, then may be. But I am not. When I voiced this to the younger colleagues, they took pity one me and educated me with the following reasons:

“If I do not respond to the girl/boy friend within x minutes, then world peace as I know would end .” I am married with a kid and the spouse will wait. Though our messages would be more ordinary and related to scheduling – I cannot pick up the kid today, will you? It is a foregone conclusion that once the message is sent, it is a yes from the other side.

“If I did not like the post of friends, they would stop talking (read chat) with me.” I have friends who will talk to me because they are also Harappan relics before the Facebook.

“How would you know Varnam, your account on Facebook and Twitter is near dead. You do not even have an instagram account. You do not have a Social Life. How can you even understand?”

Conclusion – no social life so I do not understand the compulsions of constantly checking.

5. It never ever gets stolen: I can leave it any where. In the vegetable shop, in the part, in the rest room of a mall, it always always reaches back. I realize a day later and call my number. The person who picked up the call, would keep it safe and asks me to pick it up. They do not have use for a dumb phone.

I want to buy one now for the following 5 reasons

1. Have a smarter assistant. Yes, I am no longer afraid to show off my “dumb quotient” and get help using the phone.

2. I use my land line for conference calls. So my usage would be less and hence would not need too much charge. Also I will pledge to use all the power saving features available. So the green goddess inside me will be happy.

3. I will not use the phone to look busy. But will use it if I need. Let us say for directions. I will continue to use the offline options for “looking busy”.

4. I have started learning about the power of Social Media. I need to learn to use it, maybe for a better cause.

5. I might not get it back if I misplace it. I would be more careful with it though.

PS I understand the environmental costs associated with any electronic devices,  I pledge to use sit responsibly and recycle my old phone.


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