One Family, Many last names, #Humor

PS: Changing maiden name is a very personal matter and is not subject to debate. This is my opinion.

Having said that, let us look at the world where hyphens rule the roost.

Judy Singh marries John Singhal. Let us say she did not change her name but insisted on the kids having both the last names. After all they are equal partners in the new venture .

They have two children Judy Singh-Singhal and  July Singh-Singhal.

They built a house and want to have a name board. The Singh’s, Singhal’s and the Singh-Singhal’s residence.

Fast forward 25 years. Judy Singh-Singhal marries J.Singhania. Thank God J Singhania is not a hyphenator. Two years later enters the junior hyphenator B. Singh-Singhal-Singhani.a

B. Singh-Singhal-Singhania has to be admitted into the school. The admission form has only so much space for last name. They squeeze in somehow. He is now known as the S Cube. He meets some other A Cube and gets married.

First name +  Middle name + S-S-S + A-A-A will be the name of the auto bot now. It is now a chain reaction sorry chain-reaction.

A name can take only so many hyphens.

Apologies to all the Singh, Singhal and Singhania’s.


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