What is the similarity between BlogRush and GoldRush?

More fortunes were made by merchants than by miners. From the Gold Rush article on History.com. Notable examples that come into mind are Wells Fargo Bank and Levi Strauss. There are countless other examples of merchants who serviced the needs of the miners than mined for the gold themselves.

Fast forward to the Internet age. Blog Rush is on. Hundreds and thousands of people are making blogs every day. A few write just to record their personal experiences. Few come with a real intent and a serious purpose. If you are reading this blog, then chances are that you already have a blog, in the making, abandoned or successful.

We always only hear about successful blogs. No one hears about those that are lurking around without any views other than the author. What about those who abandoned. Even during the Gold Rush many many prospectors abandoned mining. Some died before reaching. Some gave up frustrated after furloughing on. Many spent what little they earned on the supplies. Very few made significant money from mining. Similar to this account below of Gold Rush

“Readers enjoyed reading about people like themselves who traveled out west with a shovel and a dream and returned with gold and immense wealth. Newspapers began to incorporate features into their pages and telling stories. Editors began to place emphasis on the reader and what stories the audience desired.”

Similar to that, there are many who start a blog or website to make money. They are lured by the many examples of how much money a blog made. Many start, and give up even before the traffic increases. About 95% of the blogs are abandoned within the first year. Few make some money but spend all that on hosting and other services for the blog. Very very few make significant money. The few who make significant money are those who persist and persevere.

So who actually makes money from Blogging. Quick survey showed that all those who are rated high on the earning and traffic are people who are telling and helping you to make money online.

There are any number of articles about how to increase your blog traffic, how to monetize your blog, how to make money offering a service. Of course the advice is sound. All it requires is perseverance. But in the whole process, it is these guys/girls who are talking about who to make money, making more money.

So if you want to make money, write

Dummies guide to money online.

How to attract traffic in 10 easy steps.

How to increase your SEO Rankings.

Then see the number of hits soar.

Making a quick buck fast is the inherent nature of human being which will not change from 1849 to 2049.


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